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High Five for Fridays!!

It’s Friday and yes, today is still a busy day for me. It’s amazing how one week I don’t really have anything big to do, but then the next week I have a list of things to do in a short amount of hours-crazy!

1. I “reconnected” with a high school buddy of mine. She was on my mind lately and I decided to contact her. She is one of the greatest, most wonderful, funniest people I have ever known. Watch for her on SNL….seriously.

She is the second from the left-the one in the black dress 🙂

2. My hubby and I finally got a toaster. Here is something that may be hard to believe-we did not get a toaster from anyone for our wedding. We are definitely not complaining-we got so sweet amazing things that we love. We just thought it was so funny that the one thing people told us we will most likely get a lot of and the one thing that is like the comedic joke of wedding gifts, we did not get. We are talking about possibly from now on only giving toasters to our friends who get married…

3. I found our 30 Rock (the show that I’m obsessed with starring the woman I’m obsessed with), is doing a live show. Most people did not like it, I wasn’t even the biggest fan-but it was kinda fun to see a show that doesn’t usually do live TV do it and have it be somewhat successful. Plus anything they do I will love-it’s a curse.

4. Tonight’s movie is going to be this.. look for a review on Movie Review Monday

5. I’m going to try and start doing a new thing-YouTube videos once a week. This week was all about Pentatonix. They were the group that won The Sing Off season 3. Myke loved them from the start and we watched the last few episodes on our honeymoon and needless to say I loved them too. This is their cover of the ever so famous song “Somebody I Used to Know” which is an amazing song in itself.

Have a wonderful awesome Friday and an even better weekend!!


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