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No I have not forgotten the blog and no I am not sick or ignoring it. Here is the reason why I haven’t been writing…

This week is spring break at the university where I work (the coffeeshop on campus) therefore there are different hours and so I was able to sign up for day shifts so I coud be home at night with my husband!!!! It has been great and not so great…The not so great part is I have had to get up at 5:40am and start the drive at 6. We live a hour away from my job, plus I would hit major traffic and I was supposed to be at work at 7:30. Ugh is all I have to say on that matter.

Working during the day has been wonderful. I come home, and I usually miss 99% of the traffic (holler) and I get home and my husband and I go and work out. Again. Ugh! I have been trying to get better about working out and being in better shape, not that I’m in bad shape, but there’s no harm in working out. Then we come home eat dinner together and watch our Hulu Plus. We got the week trial and are really enjoying it!

This past weekend Myke and went and bought some clothes for Easter. I will try to remember and take a picture the day of cause oh goodness…we look stinking cute. I was on the search for coral pants so I can be like Kate Middleton (see picture), but when they are $68…I can wait. But I got something I think could be seen as cuter and I will definitely wear them more 🙂 Plus I got super frustrated trying to get my size, plus when it comes to jeans…I’m not the expert (see example here).

Anyway, I’m hoping I can get back in the rhythm tomorrow and through out the weekend. I hope everyone had a good beginning of the week!

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