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H54F: Tough Week Wrap Up

Many of you may not have read my previous post. Myke and I were having a tough Sunday and we prayed that God give us a sign that we will be ok. Here were my signs. Yes they were all the highlights of each day.

1. On Monday, my buddy at work Ryan was craving oatmeal. He just really wanted it. He said he wanted some company in partaking of the oatmeal. So he turned to me. I told him that I couldn’t afford it. He went out and bought me some any way. I was so touched.
We mixed it with brown sugar and honey šŸ™‚ (via)
2. Tuesday I was sitting answering phones, like I always do. Ryan came in and asked me what type of cheesecake I like. I told him I had never really tried cheesecake. He told me that we were being given cheesecake because we helped out the Cheesecake Factory down the street. So I got a free slice of chocolate cheesecake. I don’t know if it was because it was free. But it was amazing! They were only giving us three slices, so again, I was very touched they included me in that treat.Ā 
When Cheesecake Factory is mentioned, Penny always comes to mind (via)
3. Wednesday night at work, my boss had someĀ pastries. My manager let me take the rest of them home to Myke and I. We got free pastries from Vicente Foods that tasted AWESOME! Ā 
Amazing food!! (via)
4. At my job, every so often, we will get tips. I have gotten a couple in the past, but I never ever expect them! Last night when a gentleman was leaving I was putting things away. He comes out and he asked if I was by myself. I told him my co worker was on lunch and would be back soon. He asked if we had a lot of work and I told him typically we do, and it is nice to have someone with you. As he left, he gave me $5, because heĀ appreciatedĀ the work he saw me doing. I was so taken back with that kindness.
5. Last but not least. My mother-in-law read my blog post. She sent Myke and I money. I was not wanting anything nor was I expecting anything. Out of all the random acts of kindness that happened, this was the one in which I lost it. Myke text me and I left work and tears came down my face. I just looked up at the sky and whispered “Thank you.”Ā 
God does not cease to amaze me.Ā 
Happy Friday everyone. Have a good one.


  • Brittany M.

    Isn’t God amazing? I love how He knows exactly what we’ll need in rough moments. I just had a conversation with a member of our Bible study who clearly was being used by the Spirit to encourage me about some work stuff.
    God’s got this, girly-girl. We just have to trust him.

  • Allison Leighann.

    This is just incredible. It really is the smallest things that make the biggest difference. God is so good, especially in times when we desperately need him. (:

    I pray that everything continues to turn out for the best!
    And, also, I love TBBT. Penny is the bomb. And I’ll take Leonard if she doesn’t want him anymore.

  • suzyhomemaker

    Just stopping by from high five. Hope things turn around for you soon. Since this is the first post I have read, I am not sure what other blogs you follow, but I really like She has great ideas and her readers are always pitching in with great ideas as well.

    And I love big bang too!

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