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How Our Freezer Ended Up Like This

2 feet by foot and a half full of food

Ever since our week of stressing over money, we made up a plan of how we were not going to be in that postion again. We looked over the budget to see what needed to be cut. After looking over every little thing, we realized where we spent most of our money.

Going out to eat.

So part one of our plan was to only eat out on one day, Sunday.

As for the rest of the week. We decided that we would get Lean Cuisine dinners for two reasons.

We were looking for an easier way to count calories and stay on a budget. We eat those for our lunches and dinner.

The second reason was mostly because there was a sale going on at our grocery store.

We went in there with a plan. To buy two weeks worth of Lean Cuisine lunches/dinners. So we decided to get 48 dinners. There was a sale going on so we were getting them each at half price.

When we got to there however, we got an unexpected surprise. For every 6 Lean Cuisines you bought, you got either a free 48 oz carton of Dryer’s Ice Cream or Skinny Cow novelty. Before coupons and or our rewards card, our total was $250. Then we swiped our card. Our total then became $120.

It was a like a episode of Extreme Couponing! 

We were able to get 8 ice creams for free. We gave 2 to our friends and then kept the rest.

So I guess the moral and lesson to the story is always check coupons! If you are able, sign up for a rewards card, you will get more coupons. Also sign up for email updates. Myke and I always look at those before we go shopping. Every week Myke and I load our card online with coupons, then we look to see what we need and go from there. Coupons do have an expiration date! So do be aware of those.

Hopefully this inspires you all to start looking for deals and get lucky like we did.

Have a great Wednesday!


    • Allison Clements

      That’s one cool thing about buying it all at once. We got at least on of each so we can try them and see what we like and what we don’t like. I’ve found a few I really really like and then a couple that I could live without. It has been a fun experiment 🙂

    • Allison Clements

      I know exactly what you mean. That’s why I’m so glad we can load it and bring it up on our phone. Now we have to remind ourselves to check our phones 🙂

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