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A History Buff

My dad is an English teacher, but he wanted to be a History teacher. Because of this, he likes learning different things about history and therefore my sister and I have that same learning bug.

I remember being 10 years old and getting a kid’s book about Queen Elizabeth. I was reading about Anne Bolyen on the way to dinner at Macaroni Grill. I asked my dad what would posses someone to marry so many women. That led to the history lesson of Henry the VIII and his wives, which included crayons on the paper tablecloth. 
I’m lucky to have married Myke, who is a nerd (a very lovable one) who loves animal and history shows. That’s one of our favorite things to do together. A couple months ago we saw a commercial on BCC America for the show Ripper Street and I have to admit I got very excited. 
I was 15 when my family took a week trip to London. While we were there, we went on walking tours of Abbey Road (we love the Beatles) and Jack the Ripper. The Jack the Ripper one was very intriguing so when I saw this show, I was reminded of the tour.  
Myke and I are so excited to watch this show. It looks like it will be a mix of detective show mixed with some real history, which should be awesome. I’m assuming there is going to be some sexual content, he was a serial prostitue killer after all. 
Oh and Mr. Darcy is in it. That’s a plus in my book. 


  • Allison Leighann.

    I actually love Anne Boleyn. I’m an English major, and I’ve read my whole life, so I’ve learned quite a bit as well. Using her as my “person i wish i could meet” on my college application helped me to get a full ride to the college i’m at now! i’ve never heard of this show, but it sounds awesome. i need to look it up. (:

    good for you for being (and marrying!) a nerd.

    • Allison Clements

      That’s an amazing story! She would definitely be someone I would love to meet. I made the best decision to marry my nerd 🙂 I”m kinda one myself-not completely though 🙂

  • Beth W

    I wish I got BBC! This looks deliciously fun. 🙂
    I just started reading The Name of the Star, so I’m extra Ripper-focused these days.
    I can’t wait to hear how you like the show!

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