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Accidental Blogger Meet Up

When a husband goes away for the weekend, what do you do?

Blog of course.

I worked earlier today and now I work at nights the next two nights, so hopefully the days will go by quickly. I miss him already.

Work was unbelievably slow. It was so incredibly boring. When days like that happen, I just want to pull my hair out. Plus, no one had any huge problems. There are always going to be some problems in a luxury spa, but none that were unsolvable. So that was nice.

I don’t think it helped that I was up at 5am to get ready to take Myke to the airport. We got him there early, but we were both exhausted. I got my soy vanilla spice latte with an extra shot of espresso and put a smile on my face. I wasn’t looking forward to going home to an empty house.

The highlight of my day though had to have been when a young woman was checking out for the day. The first thing I noticed was her awesome shirt, a simple black and white checkered button down. I complemented her and then I noticed her spiked bracelet which she told me was from Stella and Dot. We started talking about businesses that we love that are online and she mentioned that she found most things through blogs. I mentioned I did the same thing, so I asked if she blogged. She does! I got really excited to meet another blogger in person! 

I asked what her blog name and of course the first thing I did when I got home was look her up. Oh my gosh, she didn’t mention she was an awesome blogger! I’m so happy to have met you today Meg! Thank you for being the highlight of my day.

Go check her out here!


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