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iPad: Getting Work Done with a Toddler Around

Working on an iPad solved a major blog issue for us! A few weeks ago, Allison and I were having our monthly content planning meeting where we talk about what videos we want to make, what blogs we want to write and all of that super exciting stuff I know you’re dying to know about. This would have been a severely unbloggable event had Olivia not woken up from her nap in the middle of the meeting.

We normally avoid trying to get any work done while Olivia is awake, save for when she’s eating; in her high chair, pushed away from the table, and further than arms reach from our computers. She has a tendency to always press the button that undoes what you just did. If you’re typing, she will walk up, and instantly and with a sharp shooter’s accuracy, hold her finger down on the backspace key, erasing the entire line of text you just typed.

So frustrating!

And yes, we’ve tried the “give them an old laptop that isn’t powered up” but Olivia is a little too smart for that, it only buys us about five minutes before she realizes that the keys and trackpad don’t do anything.

Her current obsession is walking up and pressing the power button on my laptop, putting it to sleep. Thankfully we had chosen to work on our iPads and not our Laptops for this particular meeting, and it turns out this was the right call.

We got Olivia some post-nap snacks and continued with our meeting talking about the upcoming videos, and what we still needed to shoot, and what I needed to edit. Olvia crawled up in my lap while I was still typing and making changes to the spreadsheet.

Then I discovered the best part of working on an iPad while your toddler is still awake.


I mean, you look a little silly, but if you’re just wanting to knock out that email, send that text, or finish a content meeting, you can do that!

Unfortunately, we can’t do everything we need to on an iPad and it isn’t a great typing experience, especially using just your thumbs and leaning back to see the screen while your child eats graham crackers in your lap. I still need to use my laptop for all of the image and video editing this blog requires, but if I need to handle something immediately, I can take care of it!

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