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It is official. I am Allison Berry Clements.

Meaning our official marriage license has finally come in. I was so excited!! I mean, who wouldn’t be? This may seem a little late to be getting our license, we got married 2 months ago after all. But here is why I’m so excited…

Before we got married I did all the research, I called everyone I could, and asked every question I could. The story I got from the country clerk was that we would get a copy of our license and then we would have to pay for every copy after. So I made sure-the “copy” is a copy or the official one? I was told the official one…well apparently that was fasle.

About a month ago I call county clerk office and I tell them the situation, I have to say the lady who helped me was not too kind. She told me she has no idea where I heard that information, but it was false and I needed to pay for my license. Most people I talk to at the county clerk office are not too kind, so I don’t know why I was so surprised.

So we had to pay for a piece of paper that says we are legally married…lame but ok-whatever.

Another thing I found out while researching stuff before the wedding, I had to get a social security card before I get anything else like a driver’s license or bank accounts-which makes sense, but sometimes something makes so much sense you don’t really think about it. I found a form I had to fill out, but of course after I filled out the form the only thing left to do is wait for the marriage license to get here…

I had to wait a month and a half. Again, lame, but ok-whatever.

So to make a long story short (too late) after a long lame journey, I am finally officially married, now comes the fun part of getting the social security card and driver’s license.

This isn’t really that dramatic of a story, it’s more of an advice story. To all the girls out there who are getting married-do your research before hand! For those who are not getting married any time soon, then stay up to date with your address changes and such.


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