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Weekend Happenings

This weekend was a great one! I didn’t write this whole weekend because I was so busy with fun events. Friday night started with Myke and I saw Haywire. We thought it was really well done, think Bourne Identity, but with a girl. The story was intriguing and we were very entertained.

Saturday is usually our day to do laundry or clean the apartment, which we did, but at night we went to a comedy club called iO West in Hollywood. iO West in Hollywood is a comedy club, but at 9pm on Fridays they do the Armondo Show. That show is an improv show that consists of a host (“Armondo”) and they do a improvised monologe based on a word given by someone in the audience. After they are done, the rest of the cast do improv skits based on the host’s monologe. What makes it really fun is they usually have people from TV shows like Mad TV and that night they had a guy who was on Community a few times. Everyone else had been there before and really enjoyed it, so now it was my turn. We got there and the second we get there we see a guy at the bar, I immediately turn to Myke and tell him…Kenneth from 30 Rock is here!

Now if you had read my obsession post a while back, you will know that I’m totally obsessed with this show. It’s almost unhealthy and Myke always makes fun of me for it. So you can imagine the way I felt when I saw Jack McBrayer (Kenneth). Of course as soon as I turn around he smiled at Brie cause she finally realized who he was and she started freaking out. Turns out Kenneth was there to be in the show, we figured he knew the cast members and they just had him come on stage and do a few skits with them because he wasn’t on the website as performing. The entire night was awesome! The cast did such a good job and we had so much fun watching them.

So near the end of the night, we were leaving and I saw Jack McBrayer one last time in the lobby. I took a deep breath and whispered to Brie, “I’m doing it.” I walked into the lobby, tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Hi, I just wanted to say you did a great job tonight and I love you on 30 Rock.” He says (in the awesome accent he has-he does not exaggerate on the show) “Oh why, thank you” and I shook his hand. I. shook. his. hand. I kept my cool around my friends, but as soon as we got in the car-I was like a kid who was experiencing their first sugar high. Myke can attest that I was talking like a crazy person and I was. But how would you feel if you saw someone from your favorite show on TV??

Sunday morning we went to church and it was awesome. We got to talk to the pastor a little bit, who is a brand new young pastor and who we got along really well with in the time we spent with him. He is a nice guy with a good heart and family and we are excited to get to know them better. That night (after the Sunday lunch and laundry) we went to dinner with 2 of our closest friends. We went to Chili’s and got a crap ton of food and by crap ton, I mean CRAP TON. I couldn’t even finish my entre, and it was a freaking salad-a huge salad I might add.

As awesome as the night is Sunday night is usually bittersweet for me. I mean-what Sunday isn’t bittersweet?-it’s the day before you go back to a week of work and it’s the last day/night I get to spend with Myke for a week. But it’s all good when I have Sunday nights like last night-a good night with friends and a good night’s sleep.

So those are my stories that excuse me from writing this whole weekend.

I hope people still read these.

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