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Excitement is in the Air

I’m so beyond excited! 
Tomorrow I get to go back to my hometown for my favorite holiday! 
I’m so so excited!
We will be driving tomorrow evening, driving is one of our favorite pastimes. Myke loves driving the whole way and we usually listen to an audio book together or I just read on my own. I love driving to northern California. Driving there so many times through out my college years got me used to the long hours, so I don’t think about the long hours anymore. 
On another happy note, thank you so much for all the well wishes yesterday. We had a lovely day yesterday. We drove to Calabasas, which is about 20 minutes west of us, so it wasn’t that long of a drive.
We had some free tickets so we went and saw a movie, had dinner, and went to a amazingly cute and delicious  bakery called Crumbs. 

Little s’mores and bigger white hot chocolate cupcakes 

The best year of my life.
I hope everyone had a beautiful Tuesday and an even better night!


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