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H54F: Thanksgiving Edition

This week was Thanksgiving and it was amazing!!
1. Wednesday night was a little stressful with the fact that everyone and their mother, sister, and brother were on the road along with us. We left at 5:45 (I had work) and we arrived at 3am…We were happy we were together in the traffic, but we were mad at the traffic and so tired.

2. Myke, my brother in law, Taylor, and I all did Run to Feed the Hungry. My parents walked and the three of us ran. It was so much fun and it got us hungry for some Thanksgiving dinner.

We’re awesome.
3. Grandma made her famous pumpkin pie and Kim made her famous Rocky Road. They were gone so fast I wasn’t able to get a picture. Hopefully I will have a recipe up on the blog soon. 
4. We stopped by Best Buy for our usual Black Friday. We did this last year and got The Big Bang Theory and a couple of DVDs. We decided to stop by and see if we could find Fringe season 4 for cheap. We did and scored the latest season of The Big Bang Theory
Two great shows.
5. We just got home from our short but sweet trip to northern California. It was a quick ride home and Myke and I are just relaxing and then I’m off to work for my closing shift at work. 
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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