Destination: Pismo Beach

Our first vacation together was to Pismo Beach with Myke’s parents. Pismo Beach is a very special place to the Clements family. This was where my in-laws, Kim and Tim, went for their honeymoon. This was also the destination for Myke’s family vacations. This was my third time going with the family. I took a lot of pictures on this trip so I will just put them up.

The ride up was a good one. Myke likes to drive so I’m always the sidekick. I painted my nails which was an adventure for me cause I had never attempted it in the car. My mom used to do it all the time and I used to hate it when she did it. But we opened the window and it worked out pretty well. They weren’t the prettiest ever, but for a first timer I was proud.

The first stop is traditionally in San Louis Obispo. We usually just walk around and go into stores and get ideas on how to decorate your home and what clothes you want to try. THE place we go to is Firestone Grill. If you are ever in the area and see the long line. GET IN THAT LINE. I’m not joking. It will be worth the wait. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  

Firestone Grill Tri Tip sandwiches  

My husband

 We stopped by this super cute build your own ice cream sandwich shop. We did cherry ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.

I always stop by the bubble gum wall

Big block of cheese.
We stayed at the San Luis Bay Inn. My in laws were staying there for a week so Myke and I just came along for the ride for a few days. 

Our view from the room 
 The ONLY thing missing from this weekend was my brother in law, Taylor. 
Myke missing Taylor

 We went down to the beach and it was a little gloomy with a lot of wind. The sun came out for a little bit, but not for too long. So I just read on the beach. Which is one of my all time favorite things to do.

 Myke bought me a chocolate covered strawberry cause they looked too good to pass up. Also vacation means no make up. It felt good. 

Myke wanted a nap. He was cold.

My entire plan all day. It was glorious. 

My in laws got me a warm drink. Love them!
 Another family tradition is Splash Cafe. Always always get the bread bowl. 


I had to stop or I would get sick. I did not want to stop eating!

 The next day was amazingly sunny and beautiful! Myke and I walked down to the little town and just walked around. We went and got a orange chocolate scone. It was amazing!

We went back to the hotel, showered, then ventured out into the small town again and then got frozen yogurt with the in laws. 

We had an amazing time and were very sad to leave. Myke stopped on a little cliff over the ocean right before we left and we talked a little about what were hoping to happen. We left and got home in great time and got ready for the week of work and then got ready for a weekend with my parents.


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