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H54F: On the Road Again.

I have not been blogging at all this week. After coming back from Pismo Beach last week (which there will be a post soon) I had to work long days and I decided to just take the week off. Plus I was able to spend a little more time with Myke and we were able to spend a little time together. It turned out to be a very relaxing week and some fun low key stuff happened as well.

1. Well this past weekend was perfect by going to Pismo. It’s amazing how a few days can just change your whole attitude on your life. More about that when I post on Road Trip 1 next week.

2. This week at work I got to meet the sweetest girl who wanted to work in the entertainment industry and she asked if she could pick my brain. I was so touched by that because I usually feel like I’m the one with a lot of knowledge. However I guess in my new job I would have all the knowledge. I hope I’m able to help her a tiny bit.

3. Last night Myke text me as I was driving home, he asked me if I wanted to go see Kevin Smith speak. Kevin Smith is a filmmaker and a dang good one at that. Now he is moving away from films and into podcasting. They were giving away free tickets for the last recording of one of his podcasts. Myke jumped on it and literally got the last ticket for me. We went to the LA Film School and we were there for a couple hours. It was glorious. I will do a full post on it soon as well.

4. For our movie night this week, Myke and I watched Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. We had wanted to see this movie for a while and were a little nervous to watch it. I had heard not so great things, but we watched it anyway mostly because of Jeremy Renner and the fact it’s a Paramount film. We ended up loving it! It’s pretty bloody and violent (it’s rated R), but the way it’s all done is brilliant. I enjoyed it. So if you are not afraid of blood and violence, go for it!

5. We are off to Santa Barbara this weekend with MY parents. Santa Barbara is where my parents met and where my sister went to school, so it holds a special place in my family. It’s where my parents go to escape when they don’t feel like being in the city. I’m looking forward to another mini vacation.


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