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Davis Christmas Traditions

My maiden name is Davis and just like the Clements family that I married into we had Christmas traditions as well. Ever since I got married a little over two years ago, there is a little part of me that is missing my family traditions. I know they haven’t gone anywhere, but it’s the fact that I’m not there with my family for the whole Christmas holiday, so I bring my traditions to my new family.

Christmas movie marathon. My mom loved showing us musicals when we were younger. One movie we watched all the time during the holidays is White Christmas. As Myke says, it is a girly movie, but I grew up with girls, so yes it is. It’s just a fun Christmas movie and to make it even better, I now work for the studio that produced the movie! Now it’s even more fun to watch the film. Other films are It’s a Wonderful Life, Charlie Brown Christmas, and any Christmas TV special.

Decorate the house for Christmas. Decorating the house for Christmas was a family affair. My dad would do the lights outside and sometimes we would help with that, mostly with the untangling of the lights. The girls would help mom decorate the house, then we would get a tree and Dad again would put up the lights there too while the girls would get the ornaments ready. It was a fun activity for our family.

Special breakfast Christmas morning. Sometimes it would be French toast and more recently my parents started doing cinnamon rolls. Breakfast is usually being cooked before stockings and eaten after/during presents.

Listening for the music. When my sister and I were little, like any other kid, we would be super excited for Christmas morning. We could not go into the living room (where the stockings were). So my mom and dad came up with this pretty smart rule. We could go into mom and dad’s bed (if they were there) or sister’s room and stay on the bed and listen for the music. My mom would put on Christmas music and that was when my sister and I could run out and start with stockings. This is by far my favorite tradition.



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