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Clements Christmas Traditions

Does anyone else think Christmas is just amazing? I love Christmas, the crisp weather, decorations, sales, people’s attitudes (most of the time), and the traditions that always happen this time of year. I’m a huge believer in tradition. I love the idea of having family traditions during the holidays and I love coming up with traditions that will be just for our little family in the future.

I married into a family that had traditions with a capital T. They had so many different traditions, it was hard to keep it all straight at first. Most of them were very simple, but it was the idea that is was time to be with the whole family. Here are a few of my favorite Clements Christmas traditions.

Rocky Road. This is by far the best Clements tradition. Their family has a lot of different recipes ad this is in my opinion is the best. There’s a silly saying in the family, “the recipe holder” and I was dubbed that when I married into the family. This is Myke’s favorite dessert and so I knew I had to learn how to make it. It’s become a tradition to make it for our church Christmas party and for wherever I’m working.

Christmas day movie. Every Christmas day we bundle up and venture out in the cold to a movie theatre and watch the latest movie that has been released. We don’t really know what the movie will be this year, but last year it was The Hobbit. Now that Myke and I have a little trouble staying longer tan two days, this tradition has been modified a few times, but the idea is still there. We go see a movie together. It’s how our family works.

Pork steak tacos for Christmas Eve dinner. This stuff is what I imagine heaven will serve for dinner. My father-in-law makes a family recipe pork steak tacos and homemade chunky salsa. It was one of the first meals I had with them, so it means a little but more to me in that regard. I can’t tell you too much about the recipe, or else I would probably get kicked out of the family.

Celebrate Christmas Eve and stockings Christmas morning.  I grew up in a house where we do everything Christmas day, but the Clements family does their presents on Christmas Eve and then we do stockings Christmas morning. I love this cause we can still sleep in, but we get to celebrate Christmas a tad longer and I’m all for that.

Some amazing traditions that go along with an even greater family.

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