Awkwardly Awesome Thursday!!!!

Ok so it’s awakardly awesome Thursday and I haven’t written anything….this week.has been CRAZY!!!

-like I said above I haven’t written all week, so I’ve had this awkward feeling that I haven’t done something in the day. You know when you get into that routine? And you don’t do it for awhile and you just feel off? Welcome to my past week…
-I had to go to the DMV this week…twice…
-so in case no one had figured it out, I love coffee, now one of my best friends works at a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf…that is on nh way to work. So I pop in and visit her a lot. Well since I had to go to the DMV twice this week, I had time to kill so I went and visited her, for two days in a row, I didn’t go yesterday and people asked where I was…awkwardly funny 🙂

-I’m writing this post on my kindle…which is awesome, but I apologize for the mistakes-I’m trying my best to fix most of them 🙂
-Myke and I cleaned our apartment on Saturday and it still looks great, which is an accomplishment
-well this is something awesome for Mule, but still excitingly awesome, he will be playing in our church band for Easter Sunday 🙂 wahoo!! He has been dying to play guitar in church again. So happy for him!
I’m sorry for the neglect of the blog, I will be better I promise 🙂

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