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Good Friends are Hard to Find

This weekend was a good one.

If anyone reads this blog, they would notice that I did not write yesterday and here is why.

A typical weekend for Myke and I consists of movies/date night on Friday, day/night with friends on Saturday, and church and Netflix on Sunday (We are pretty simple-maybe even boring people).

Saturday we woke up (after sleeping in) and drove down to see our friends. We have two friends, who are dating, and they both live in two towns that are close to our alma mater. The other one lives in Downey, but works in Pasadena. We generally see them every weekend and it usually is the highlight of the weekend because we don’t see them that much during the week. A lot of people wouldn’t find that strange, but you have to see it from our perspectives. These are people we spent countless afternoons and nights with while we were in college and to just stop seeing them is hard to do. So we usually get together and go to places like Downtown Disney or Universal Studios on the weekends. Other activities of our group consist of watching Netflix or random movies that one of us has.

This particular night we stayed in, my friend, Brie, made a wonderful dinner of chicken with goat cheese (her mother would be proud) and watched season 4 or The Big Bang Theory.  While we were all sitting there being the party animals that we are, I though about our school days when we would sit and watch TV shows or movies for hours and we enjoyed it. We enjoyed being with one another and experiencing the awesomeness of such shows as The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother.

While I was home for 6 months last year, I realized how much I missed this. I missed sitting with my friends and just being with one another laughing at other people’s mistakes (both each other’s and on the TV) and laughing with each other. We make fun of one another, but we all know it’s all for fun. Now that I’m living down here I get to see them more and that makes me happy.

Good friends are hard to come by. When you do find them, hold on to them.

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