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To the Zoo (with a Video!)

Growing up, my dad would take my sister and I to the zoo during the summer. I have so many fond memories of the zoo and I would always get excited when I thought about taking my future kids to the zoo. This past Christmas, my in-laws gifted us a one year membership to the LA Zoo and we were beyond excited. With our busy schedules and illness, it was difficult to get to the zoo at first, but this past Saturday we finally were able to take advantage of this amazing gift.

The zoo, particularly the LA Zoo, plays a significant part in Myke’s ad my relationship. Way back in the day, before we were even a couple, our friend group went to the zoo to celebrate a birthday.¬†While we walked around the zoo, we talked about our memories from that day and after doing the math, we realized that that was around 10 years ago! Time sure does fly. We were so happy to get to take Olivia with us. She may have slept the whole time, but there was something so wonderful about pushing the stroller around the zoo. I had see so many other moms do the same thing and many that day too! Myke turned to me and said, “we have become those people” and I have no problem with that.

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