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Awkward but Awesome Thursday

This week has been a good one but a sad one for me. It is my last one with my student workers, most of them are graduating and going off to new jobs and new experiences and I am beyond exciting for them. But on that that note, let’s do the list!!


-I feel like when I’m at work, I’m especially because I’m the one who has to enforce the rules. I have to tell people not to come in when they are bare foot, tell people they can’t use other people’s ID card without them there (which seems to be the end of the world to most people). But being the enforcer is sometimes a little awkward…
-We ended up not moving, as many may guess, but we are still looking. Something will come up. It always does.
-Still no job or job offers, but something will come up. It always does.


-Even though we are not moving, we are still high hopes for what is going to happen to us.
-The weekend is approaching which means I will be with my friends, which always makes me feel better and helps me not feel so down about what is happening.
-On a very very good note, the blog is moving!! I am moving the blog to blogspot. Hopefully I will have the link all ready for people tomorrow-I’m still a little ify on the new blog, but I feel like this blog will be bigger and better.

I hope everyone has a beautiful and awesome Thursday!

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