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As always, Friday is always welcomed ­čÖé This weekend is going to be a special one as well…

1. Tonight Myke and I are having our date night. Last night marked the last night that I will be driving home after midnight. Since my job is coming to a close and it is also summer, the shop is going to summer hours, which means no more closing at midnight. We are celebrating by most likely watching the Marvel movies all leading up to seeing The Avengers this weekend!!!

2. It’s STAR WARS Day!!! May the fourth be with you!!

Congrats Les!

3. Myke and I now have Hulu Plus and we are loving it!! Myke has mostly been enjoying it while I’ve been at work, but that’s ok, we will be getting more use out of it now ­čÖé

4. My good friend got engaged this past weekend and I’m so excited for her! Congrats Leslie!!

5. Myke’s best friend Zane is moving here from Arizona and not only is Zane excited but Myke is excited. We are planning on helping him move and then we are all going to see┬áThe Avengers┬ácause that’s how we do. Move then watch awesomeness ­čÖé

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!

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