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A Wedding for the Ages

My cousin Aaron married his girlfriend Mima two weekends ago and I’m beyond excited. Aaron is one of the kindest, sweetest, and caring people I have ever known and the fact that he found someone who is better than him is just a miracle. Mima is awesome, I knew when they got engaged that their wedding was going to be awesome because she has a great personality and heritage to be inspired from. I flew up on Thursday night and the wedding was Saturday night. It was at Scribner Bend Vineyards and the background was beautiful.

We arrived to chips and salsa and the ceremony got started. My uncle was officiating and it was perfect. They wrote their own vows and put them in a box with a bottle of wine to open “when there is an emergency in their marriage.” It was a sweet element to add into the ceremony. Mima looked amazing! Aaron looked dapper in his suit and Chuck Taylors (which is what Myke did too!) When the ceremony was done, we walked over to the reception, which was beautiful. They had a table honoring those who had passed on, along with photos of the parents on their wedding days (which we did and my other cousins did and I LOVE that idea). They had a mariachi band and a DJ and amazing Mexican food! It was a night to remember and I can’t wait to hear about their amazing romantic honeymoon to Italy.

The invitation

Ceremony site

My cousin (the groom) walking up my uncle and aunt. Amazing family

My uncle Tom officiated the ceremony

Everyone is up there. Waiting for Mima. (yes there are 14 groomsmen) 🙂

Walking up with her mom, crying, she’s angelic.

Her vows. She didn’t cry (she was all cried out)

His vows. Cried (through out the whole ceremony-sweetie)



These were a part of the center piece at the tables, along with a bride.

The sweetheart tabe

We did a similar table at our wedding. Remembering those who are not with us
and honoring those on their wedding day who came before us.

The amazing Mexican fiesta. Nothing compares to Mima’s cooking though


The schec

The cupcake cake. Carrot and red velvet made by a friend.

 Congrats again to my dear sweet cousins. I love you both dearly and I hope you have fun in Italy!!

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