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Turning a New Leaf


jacket: old navy
shirt: h&m
pants: old navy
shoes: nordstrom

Myke and I went shopping a couple weeks ago, mostly because I needed darker jeans. Plus when Old Navy has a sale going on, how can one say no? I usually get the Diva cut, which is their skinny cut. One thing about jeans is you have to find the right fit, I’m not talking size, I mean fit. They didn’t have my size, but we found another cut called Boyfriend. It’s a little looser in the leg and they have cuffs. Now, I dislike trying on jeans. It always makes me feel overweight or ugly, but Myke was there supporting me all the way through. We finally landed on these. I like them and I feel really good in them. They are not the usual cut I go for, but I feel like I’m turning over a new leaf in my life, and having newer jeans is certainly helping it feel that way on the outside.

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