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A Third Check in the Yes Column

As many of you know, Myke and I are Christian and we believe that God has got our future in His hands. Even when things didn’t seem to go our way, we believe that God has our future under control. However, that does not mean we don’t plan.

A little while ago, Myke and I talked about the possibility of Myke going back to school for his second degree. We thought about it and more specifically prayed about it. We figured with Myke going back to school, a few things would happen. Myke would be able to turn his job that he loves into a career he adores, I wouldn’t be super stressed with my new part time job and getting hours, and our loans would be deferred. The loans is a big one for us, and would be the top one for us. Even if we deferred the loans, Myke would be going back to get a better job which would most likely equal more money. It would be an all around great idea. At least we feel that way.

We put it in God’s hands and just went on with life. Stuff happened and we kept thinking if we had a little extra cash this wouldn’t be a problem.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m please to announce that my husband will be going back to school in the fall.

He has been accepted to California State of Northridge in their computer science program.

My hubby has always been smart, but now he will be extra extra smart. However, we know it’s going to be a rough time. We still have to watch money, and homework is going to get thrown into the mix of our already busy lives, he won’t be home at night as often as most nights, and we are going to be on a pretty strict schedule.

It’s not going to be an easy 4 years, we are hoping it will be shorter with transfer units, but if not, we have each other to get through it just fine.

I’m so extremely proud of him.

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