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A Little Apartment Update

Myke and I have been wanting to update our apartment and make it look more like our home rather than just an apartment that we live in. Since our finances have been a little restricting lately we have mostly just been praying that things come in stages.

If you read my post last week, you would see that part of that wish came true. We were blessed by our pastors and we took it as a opportunity to make our apartment a little more of our own.

Here are some visual updates:

This is right when you walk through the door. The dining room table is still to your right. We did however move the bookshelf is now to your left. I’m thinking an ottoman to double as coffee table. Myke likes to have his feet up and I feel like we need another place to place drinks and snacks. 

This is the little nook that we attempted to make. The red chair is from my childhood and that is the table that Myke found on the side of the road and painted. 

Another view of the couch. We are thinking of putting a panal picture from our wedding up above the couch. The diplomas will most likely be moved one more time, but that’s ok. It’s all about experimenting and seeing where things fit. 

I love this couch! The tables are a little low, but I think it looks good like that. Hence why I think an ottoman might be good. It can just be moved over to the nook when we have kids over or just need more space.

Please ignore the boxes! One step at a time. 


  • Brittany M.

    Pretty red wingback chair!
    One thing we tried when nesting (either in a college apartment or our current one) was moving things away from the wall. We created a “living space” and a “dining space” by turning one of the couches so its back was to the door… For us, the grouping of furniture was the ticket to feeling more homey!
    Just a thought–although your space looks great!

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