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Know Your Worth and a Two Year Old

I’ve had a lot of trouble with this lately.

For the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of trouble remembering my worth.

I have been floating around at work, doing a different job every single day and so I’ve had a lot of trouble knowing where I belong.

It’s hard to express this and it has been really hard to write the past couple weeks because I haven’t felt like I could write. I’ve felt bad my posts were down and I’ve felt that no one would read if I wrote a post like this.

However sometimes talking to a guest will make all the difference in the world.

Last night I was working in the spa: doing laundry, cleaning up after people, and making sure all the women were happy. One of our favorite members came in to use the spa and she knows that I work front desk and that every so often I help with concierge. She was surprised that I was way in the back. She came up to me and asked why I was back there. I told her I had been helping out because some people had left. She told me that she respected that I was helping out and happy that I was getting hours, but she didn’t want me to forget my worth. I’m young and she wanted me to be reminded that I need to know my worth, no matter where I go in life. I stood there and almost cried, but no crying in front of the guests!

I finished my night strong last night and then went to a place where I know I’m happy: church, to pick up Myke from practice. I had a little surprise there: Ben. You know Ben, his mom just had another baby and Ben is now in the “Terrible Twos.” Needless to say, Mom needed a break. So it was nice to see him, play with him and blow off a little steam. He kept wanting me to run with him, he kept yelling, “Wunn! Wunn!” (Translation: Run! Run!). So I ran with him and listened to that sweet laugh that makes me smile and I felt a lot better.

So my advice to you today is know your worth. I’m working on it.

Also, if a two year old is available, run with them. It makes you smile and feel a whole lot better.

Seeing this picture of Myke and Ben always makes my heart smile.

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  • Allison Leighann.

    This is beautiful. You just have to know that the woman who spoke to you was a reminder from God that you really are worth so much. I’m glad that she helped you feel a little better, and I hope that this week turns out to be wonderful!

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