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2016: The Year of


The other day I got my January Birchbox. I’ve been getting Birchbox for 4 years now and I love it. I love the videos they put up, the samples I get in my box, the boxes have beautiful designs, and the point system they offer when you purchase things off their website. I’ve discovered so much make up since I have received the box and it’s a nice little treat once a month.

To kick off 2016, they sent us our monthly box with a saying, 2016: The Year of ___. Inside our box were stickers with different words on them and the idea is to pick a word and it’s a reminder of what this year is about. I chose a word that’s not only for me, but for Myke as well: gratitude.

Before the year even began, Myke and I talked about how we need to be grateful and thankful of where we are in our lives instead of looking ahead and trying to fix it in the now. Not that we can’t plan and be prepared, but for the two of us we were wanting to focus more on being happy and content where we are. There had been some things happening in both our jobs that were weren’t so happy about when the end of 2015 came. We were complaining to each other one night, like most married couples do and Myke looked at me and just said I think we need to be more grateful. I smiled and started laughing because I knew he was right. We had both been feeling God was telling us that we needed to happy where we are in our professional lives. We have a lot of plans for us in our business and our professional careers and we were so focused on getting those to happen now that we forgot to see what God has blessed us in the now.

So this year, it is the year of gratitude. Thanks Birchbox for keeping the reminder prominent in our life this year.

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