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New Jewelry

Oh my goodness, if there is anything I spend the most money on, it is jewelry. Ever since I was little girl, I have adored little items like necklaces and rings. There is just something about wearing more rings or another necklace that makes you feel more feminine. As I got older, I started to not wear as much, to try something different. I have no come to realize that it’s not really my style. I try to balance my jewelry as much as possible, if I wear a big or long necklace, I wear simple arm candy or vice versa.

Two of my more recent purchases have been a rose gold watch and some knuckle rings. Both were things that I had been wanting to try for quite some time. I had been wanting a rose gold watch for a while. There is just something about a rose gold watch that is beautiful. I sincerely want a Michael Kors rose gold watch, but we obviously don’t have money to spend like that. I’m thinking that would make a good Christmas gift, but for the time being, I have the one I have and I love it!

I had been wanting to hop on the trend that I had seen of knuckle rings. I used to have some rings like that when I was young, but I don’t have them anymore, so I wanted to purchase more. The rings are very sweet and simple. I have two that are simple rings and then one with a chevron design, which is a pattern I’m slowly getting into. I’m so glad I found Durango Dream Designs. She sells simple rings like the ones I bought and also some that are made of copper. SO cute and and sweet. I would highly recommend this shop for any jewelry of any kind.

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