Trying out a Maxi

necklace: Elisabeth Ashlie
shirt: gap
sweater: target
watch: target
bracelets: The Shine Project and Forever 21
skirt: Macy’s (similar)
shoes: TOMS

So I decided to get into this maxi skirt trend. I was a little worried at first because I’m smaller than most girls I’ve seen wearing them. I lack leg length, so I was nervous. However my fabulous mother convinced me to get this skirt. When we were in Santa Barbara, I told her I was looking for one and so she picked this one out cause she thought it would help lengthen me a little and I loved that it came right to my ankles. It wasn’t on the floor and I wouldn’t step on it. 
I told my mom I was unsure about buying it, she said she knew if I had it, I would wear it. So she bought it for me. I’m so glad she did. Thanks Mom!
See our Santa Barbara trip here.

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