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A Night with Kevin Smith

A few weeks ago, Myke and I had the opportunity to go see Kevin Smith. Kevin Smith is a filmmaker who made such films as Clerks, Clerks 2, Chasing Amy, and Jersey Girl. He is starting to move away from making films and he is now doing podcasts. He is an excellent story teller and so much fun to listen to. Be advised-he does curse, a lot.

Well Myke and I listen to his many podcasts and we have been wanting to go to a recording of it forever! Most of the time they are at bars and you have to pay for the tickets and sometimes there is a two drink minimum. So needless to say, Myke and I would have to save to go to these shows.

However, Myke in his savvy way was surfing Twitter and found that Kevin Smith was giving away 16 tickets to one of the podcasts that was going to be recorded at the LA Film School. Myke jumped on it and was able to snag the last ticket for me! Unbelievable.

So we met at home and sprinted out to the school and we arrived just on time and we sat and listened to him talk and do Q & A for about 2 hours. Myke and I both raised our hands to ask a question, but we still got to see him. Dream come true for both of us.

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  • Beth W

    Yay! Congrats! I saw him at San Diego Comic Con years ago, and you’re right- he’s a fantastic storyteller. I think podcasts would be a better medium for him than film, given that, but I can’t wait until he starts writing books, Henry-Rollins-style. 😀

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