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When you work late at a coffeeshop, you get to know your co-workers pretty well. Last night was no exception. Last night another coworker and I were discussing trips that we would like to take in the future. She mentioned Washington D.C. and how she had never been there but always wanted to go.

I love Washington D.C. I’ve been there a few times, but I want to go back now that I’m married. I’ve been told a few times that D.C. is kind of a strange place to like to visit-it’s either too hot/humid or too cold and the only way to get away is to go into museums or monuments. Well here’s a fun fact: I love museums and monuments. The last time I was there we went to all the monuments and went to most of the museums. I love that kind of stuff-history has always been son fascinating to me.

The one place I have always wanted to go is New York City. I want to see a broadway show, NBC, Tina Fey (it’s a long shot but one can dream), Rockefeller Center, Wall Street (just because I can), Trump Tower, F.A.O. Schwartz and of course Tiffany’s. All these things will happen in due time, and I will patiently wait.

Another trip I would like to do someday is a cross country trip. My dad had talked about his cross country trip that he did with his friends and I have always thought that would be a fun trip to do. We just need a lot of money and car with good gas milage 🙂

My favorite thing to do when I go somewhere new is walk around and see what the city is like. That’s why our honeymoon was perfect. We went to Portland, Oregon and walked around and got to know the town and eat in some good places and saw some of the culture. It was awesome.

I love to travel. I went to France for two weeks with school and London for one week with the fam in high school and Australia when I was a sophomore in college for my study abroad. While in France we went to castles, museums, and even on our last night had dinner in the Effiel Tower. It was amazing. In London, I finally saw The Phantom of the Opera on stage and got to see London win the Olympic games. It was fun to be in two cities that were nominated for the Olympic cities and even more fun to actually be in the city when it was decided. All unique experiences and I wouldn’t change any of them for the world.

I can’t wait to see what our next adventure is going to be.

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