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Reflections on Pismo Vacations Past

Both of Myke’s and my families went on beach trips when we were growing up. My family went to Pajaro Dunes, near Monterey and Myke went to Pismo Beach. I remember Myke telling me about these trips when we were dating and he always lit up when he would talk about this place. He moved around a little bit while growing up, but they always went back to Pismo and so that was the closest thing to home. So when I was invited to attend a Pismo Beach vacation, I was very excited.

My first Pismo trip was in May of 2011. Myke and I were engaged and just graduated from college. This was my first trip with my future family and I have to admit, I was more nervous than anything else. This was a family that already loved me, but I still had this need to impress them.

Since this trip was to celebrate Myke’s (and my) graduation, we stayed at a place that they normally don’t stay. We walked in and it was a beautiful suite that would do just fine for the five of us. I had the honor of sharing a room with Myke and his little brother Taylor. If you’re concerned, Myke and I were on opposite sides of the room with Taylor in the middle and we all had our own bed.

One of the first things I noticed about this family is they knew exactly where to go for anything and everything at Pismo. You could tell they had been coming for years and they loved this place. They showed me all the traditions including Splash Cafe, renting wet suits at Ponchos, and the early bird special at McClintocks. I loved the sense of tradition and routine here. Pismo is home to them.

Pismo to me always brings the memories of getting to know my family. Swimming with them in the pool and hearing stories of Pismo trips through the years. I remember getting to know my brother in law more and how much I grew to love him even more on this trip. I remember seeing my in-laws give each other loving glances and watched them love on their sons and daughter to be. I remember sitting in Splash Cafe, which is rare because it’s always crowded, and my in-laws gave me pearl earrings, which is still one of my most prized possessions to this day.

Pismo holds a special place in the Clements family and it holds an extra special one for me personally. I’m excited to take my daughters to this special place in their family’s history.

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