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5 Baby Things I Love

I was the first out of my wave of friends to have a baby. I had some friends and family members that were on the second or third baby and we would all compare notes and items that we received. Once I actually had Olivia, many of my friends reached out to see if there were items that I had found useful or better than others. I compiled a little list here for everyone to enjoy. Here’s hoping this gives you a little insight to some things new moms.

  1. Diaper Genie. This thing was a life saver. We had debated putting it on the registry, but I had read so many blogs about how helpful this was. We were blessed with this at one of our showers and I never thought I would love something that had something to do with diapers/poop. One of the big reasons I love it-it blocks the smell of the poop. I love that it doesn’t stink up the nursery/apartment and we don’t have to run a dirty diaper down the hall to the garbage.
  2. iBabyCare monitor. This was all Myke and his awesome research. I wanted to find a solid baby monitor, but not one that broke the bank. When we were wondering around Target putting together our registry, I told Myke to do his thing and find a good baby monitor. 10 minutes later, he found this one and yet again-he was right. Our favorite thing about this monitor is that we can access the feed from ANYWHERE. When I was in New York on business and I just wanted to peek in on her sleeping, I could do that. It also has the ability to play white noise, which we use our Echo Dot for and you can also talk to your baby through it as well. It allows you to take pictures and video of your sweet baby sleeping too. Needless to say, we have loved this thing since we set it up and even though it was a little pricy, we were ready to go get it if we didn’t get it as a gift. Plus it looks like BB-8 which makes me happy.
  3. Aden + Anais burpy bibs. My mom bought us these burp clothes for Christmas (if you follow the link, they are the exact ones). I had received Aden + Anais muslin blankets from a co worker and they were amazing. My mom found these and we instantly loved how thick they were. They could soak up all the drool and milk super quick and the clothes could also be transformed into actual bibs-double duty! I wish I had more of these.
  4. 4moms rockaRoo swing. Olivia adores her swing. At first I was anxious to put her in it, but she loves it. She falls asleep there a lot and she also just hangs out in it with her toys. There is a fancier model then the one we have, but ours does the trick beautifully.
  5. Halo sleep sack. One of my mom’s co workers bought her this and she claimed her kids loved theirs. I was a little anxious about putting her in one because she liked to have her legs out and about. It wasn’t until she was in her crib and having a little trouble sleeping I decided to give it a try. It has become her new trigger for bed time. I was very surprised how easy it was for her to still kick around enough to be free, but she was still wrapped up enough that she wouldn’t startle herself. It also doesn’t have sleeves, so she doesn’t get super hot, but I do still have her wear a sleeper under it.

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