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Things a Blogger Tells her Husband and Six Piece Remix

Six Piece Remix outfit.

13 Things, as a Blogger, I Tell My Husband. 

1. I’m just going to write a quick post.
2.Can you proof this really quick?
3. Smile! It’s for the blog. 
4. If we get a camera, it would be great for us…and the blog.

5. I should post about this.
6. Do you think this would be a good for the blog?
7. I think it’s time to change my design. 
8. Can I go to Blissdom? Or Influence Conference. Or ANY conference??
9. I wish I had enough time for crafts. I’ll make time!  
10. I just need to respond to a couple people. 
11. Someone commented on my post!
12. It’s for the blog
13. Can you take a quick picture of me?
I asked him yesterday to take a quick picture of me for the Six Piece Remix. We were running late so we coud only take one picture. However I will say this, this outfit was awesome! Super comfy and Pretty stylish if I do say so myself 🙂
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