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So Exciting!!

So as everyone has probably gathered, I love my husband and I think he is the most talented man I know (blah blah blah) well something exciting has just happened for him/us. My husband applied for another job in the company he is in. It is a wonderful company and he wants to stay there, but where he was at was the lowest point-and the only direction you can go ….is up 🙂

My husband was just offered a new job that was practically written for him. He is going to be playing on the computer all day converting books in ebooks. He actually gets to use what he does for fun, at work. Wow-what a concept! He is so excited he called me and I could tell he was just glowing.

I’m so happy for him and now that I know he is happy, today is going to be an even better day. I hope you all have a good Tuesday as well!!

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