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Awkwardly Awesome Thursday

AWkwARdly AWESOME Thursday is here and I’m excited, don’t worry-there isn’t like anything extraordinary that happened, I just think these posts are fun.


You know that awkward time when a customer asks if you can cut up bananas for you and put it on his bagel because he saw someone do it…I’m sorry if I resemble your mother, but I don’t do that…

You know that awkward time when you are going to bed at 2:30 and you realize one of your best friends is going to be up in about 2 hours to go to work…this has been happening more lately…I feel bad for my dear friend who has to be up at 4, thank God it’s to go to a coffeeshop!

That awkward moment when you realize that tonight when you are driving home from WORK people will be about to be driving home, but from seeing The Hunger Games…awkward sadness…


Hubby got a new job!!!!! AHHH!!!

Seeing The Hunger Games tomorrow night!! AHHH!!!!

Finished Catching Fire (the second in the Hunger Game series)

On another note, I’m really liking this writing a blog thing. I hope some people are enjoying it, I mean if you’re not that’s cool too. I’m still pretty new at this, but I’ve been doing some studying and trying to figure out some cool things to update my blog with-so hopefully that will happen soon.

Have an AWESOME (not awkward) Thursday everyone! If you are seeing The Hunger Games, enjoy!!

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