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Royal Blue Steal

I’m a fan of jeans. All day, every day. It is very rare that I’m not wearing jeans. One thing missing from my wardrobe was a pair of colored jeans. For Christmas, I got an amazing pair of gold metallic jeans from my mother-in-law, unfortunately, they were a little snug on me. I went back to Old Navy and exchanged them for a pair of royal blue jeans.  I love the extra pop they give my outfits.

My new shoes are another accessory that I’m happy about. Mom bought me these on sale at Nordstrom. They are not the type of shoes that I would normally go for, but I was drawn to these because of the pattern and the way they look on my feet.




Scarf: Target

Cardigan: Target

Shirt: Gap

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Nordstrom


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