• Fastest Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever!!

    Let’s Bake: EP 5 – Puddle Cake! What on earth is a puddle cake? Myke was looking through the recipe book and this one stood out to us. The recipe card looked old and a little worn. Also in the upper right, it said it was from the 1960s! Where did this recipe come from? I asked my mom about it and this is a fascinating piece of her history. Which makes this the perfect…

  • What’s a Pea Picking Cake (NO PEAS INVOLVED!!)

    At first when we read this recipe we were a little apprehensive. This cake wasn't a cake from scratch and it uses mostly packaged ingredients. I personally don't mind, but there was a part of me that worried that this wasn't like other cake recipes. However, this adventure is about baking family recipes and this used to be my mom's family's go to cake for birthdays. I have little memory of having this cake when…

  • Are these the World’s Best Cookies?

    This recipe comes from a former coworker of my mom's and she had never made them before. She couldn't remember when exactly she received them, but she did have a little bit of a memory of the cookies. They are a bit different, but they were good.

  • Buttermilk Brownies Lighter Than Air!

    I love a good brownie. My favorite ones are the thick gooey ones. If there are chocolate chips, even better, but no nuts. Never nuts. So I was excited to try a new recipe from our family cookbook, but as we always do, with a little modification.

  • Let’s Run: Actually Running

    It takes a little while to build your running legs. I knew this going into my running journey, but last week I wanted to just run. I get bursts like that-when I just want to take off an start running. I wouldn’t call it a runner high just yet-at least it doesn’t feel like that for me. I know I’m not officially into half marathon training, but this is what I’ve been doing for those…