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A Quick Trip to Pismo Beach

**Quick Disclaimer: Our trip was scheduled in the little brief time when California was in Phase 3 going into Phase 4. Before the recent spikes. We kept good physical distance on the beach, wore our masks when we were around other people, and in stores. Basically, we followed all the guidelines and had a safe and fun vacation**

Monday – Travel Day and Dinner in San Luis Obispo

Pismo to us is a time to refresh and escape. So we were thrilled when Monday came and we packed up the car and headed to the central coast. We hit some traffic on the way there, so I’m super thankful Myke found this for the girls so they could watch veggie tales on an iPad after their naps in the car. Olivia did not nap, but she was silent and reading while Meghan napped for a bit. Our first stop is always in San Luis Obispo at Firestone Grill. The girls gobbled up their grilled cheese and we all enjoyed our tri-tip sandwiches. SLO Sweets is another must. They have an amazing selection of candy and other knick-knacks for kids so the girls were literally like kids in a candy store.

Tuesday – First Beach Day

I have to admit I was a little nervous about this day. Last year both girls were handfuls after the beach because they didn’t nap and so I wasn’t sure what to expect this year. We had our plan in place and then all of a sudden, sweet little Meghan sat in her chair and just about fell asleep right then and there. We asked if she wanted to sleep in the tent and she walked right over, laid down, and was asleep within 10 minutes. We were in shock. To make it even better, she slept for two and a half hours! Mornings in Pismo are perfect, there is hardly anyone there, with lots of space to spread out, pandemic, or no pandemic. Olivia played her little heart out in the sand and went into the water for a bit. The water in Pismo is chilly and they ran out of wet suits so we were not expecting her to go all in. She did enjoy jumping in the waves. After MJ woke up, we decided to try to get OJ to nap. She laid down and got some rest about an hour before we packed up and headed to the hotel to get cleaned up for Splash Cafe.

Wednesday – Myke and Allison Date Day

Myke had asked me to go on a date day with him while in Pismo. How can I say no to that? We dropped the girls off at breakfast and told them we would see them at dinner. This was our first date in a very long time and it was something that was needed for both of us. Word of advice-date your spouse. Life gets crazy and pandemics happen, but never stop dating your spouse. Also, say please and thank you.

Anyway, we got gifts for our girls, delicious food, and took some amazing pictures. Well, he took amazing pictures, I just pointed and clicked. But all in all, we had a great day, and captured a photo that made a perfect gift for Myke’s mom!

Olivia even got into the photo action and snapped a couple of great pics of Allison! Of course, we then had to take the obligatory family photo in front of the ocean.

Thursday – Beach Day #2!

Beach round 2. Meghan napped on the beach again and it was glorious. I was so surprised. Myke got in the water and got some beautiful footage of the waves. It was so refreshing to just sit on the beach in the sun. Kim, Myke, and Olivia even walked all the way down to the end of the beach where there are some cool rocky overhangs.

Friday – Cambria Side Trip

It’s always sad when a trip comes to an end. My in-laws were going to stay an extra few days in Cambria, so we decided to tag along for a few extra hours and go for a walk before the long car ride. The girls loved it because they got to run around with Mimi and Pops, and got to see some sea lions. Myke carefully took Olivia out to a pretty far part to show OJ, of course, MJ would not be left behind and as soon as he got back, he had to head right back out!

Like most drives home, the ride was pretty uneventful and the girls even slept for a little bit. It was a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of Sacramento, and also the heat. It was over 100° in the valley while we enjoyed a breezy 70° on the coast.

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