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Oregon Trails: Eugene

More Oregon pictures! Friday night we took the 2 hour drive to Eugene. Friday night we went to the rehearsal dinner and had delicious pizza and said hello to family that I hadn’t seen since my own wedding. The next day we slept in, mostly to allow my brother and sister in law to sleep in since they had been traveling since 4am. The next day we went for a walk around a lake and it was the perfect day! It had been raining on and off the past couple days, but Saturday was perfect. The sun was out and the crisp wind lightly hit your cheeks. Niana, my sister in law, ran part of the trail and it felt so good.




After the walk, we went to an adorable diner, Dickie Jo’s. My BLT was incredible! It could have been because I was hungry after the long walk or maybe it was because they used applewood bacon and put it on thick Texas toast bread. I ate it so fast I barely gave Myke a bite.


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