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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Yesterday was the day that I have been waiting for. We put up our Christmas tree!! You guys don’t understand how exciting this was for us. We lived in a studio apartment during our last Christmas season and we were beyond excited when we moved into our new apartment and thought about how we will decorate it for Christmas.

Since Myke and I have crazy schedules, we had limited time to decorate our home, we also have limited resources to get these decorations. It’s only our first Christmas in our new place, so we plan on just building our Christmas decorations as time goes on. We have a few decorations that people got us last year for our first Christmas, so we are off to a good start.

We still have to get a few little things to make our apartment Christmas ready, but we got the biggest thing yesterday! The Christmas tree!!

We got a fake tree, just because it’s easier for our lifestyle and the fact that we live in an apartment. So we got a tree and a couple boxes of simple ornaments and while we were home for Thanksgiving, Mom gave me some of my ornaments that were in my room, the rest are in their Christmas box.

Here are a couple of my favorite ornaments…

Given by my mother-in-law

My mother-in-law gave me a charm bracelet a couple year ago when Myke and I got engaged for Christmas. This was supposed to be a charm on the bracelet, but got made into an ornament instead. I have to say, I was excited that we had an ornament that marked our engagement day. I’m cheesy like that I guess.

Given to me by my friend Rachel. 

So I have a group of friends, we call our get togethers “The Plan”. We started getting together my freshman year of high school and we got together every year since. Since that time 4 of the seven of us have gotten married, so it is a little hard to get together, but we do our best. Last year, I wasn’t able to get up to northern California during Christmas time, so they Skyped me. I miss them so much. All of us have this ornament and it makes me smile every time I look at it.


The girls in the group have nick names, if you look carefully, you can see them written on the ornament 

I love our tree and the ornaments and I can’t wait to decorate the apartment even more this week. 
I will post pictures as well.
Are your decorations up? Any favorite ornaments?


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