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Movie Review Tuesday

Since we got our Christmas tree on Sunday, I felt more obligated to post about that. So today, I’m doing a movie review on the movie that Myke and I saw Friday night, Red Dawn.

Red Dawn is actually a remake of a 1984 movie with the same name. That is about all we knew going into watching this movie. We read on IMDB that the original movie was about Soviet forces invading a small town and a group of young kids standing up to them when no one else could.
This movie is pretty much the same thing, except the invaders are from North Korea. Plus they also updated it with things that have happened in the modern world. They are invading Spokane, WA which is where my best friend went to school. Which had me giggle the whole way through the movie. 
The movie stars Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck. Of course we all know Hemsworth from Thor and for being amazingly good looking. Josh Peck is from the great Disney show “Drake and Josh”. Supporting cast includes Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games and for being all around awesome) and Conner Cruise (adopted son of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, poor kid). 
Overall, the movie was awesome! The movie kept my interest and the plot was very creative. I have to admit I was a little nervous to see the movie because I didn’t see too many commercials for it. Then Myke found out that this movie was actually made a few years ago, 2009 to be exact, and was shelved because of money troubles. However that may have helped them a little. It was released after two of the actors (Hemsworth and Hutcherson) stared two extremely popular movies (Thor and The Hunger Games respectively). In a way, that actually helped the movie do a little better. Not saying it wouldn’t have done well at all, I think it is doing really well and I’m very happy for the movie. 
And just for fun, here is the poster from the original movie from 1984
source (there is another poster, I just wanted one with Swayze on it!)

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  • janna roam

    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the Red Dawn remake. I’m planning to see it sometime this weekend, but I want to watch the original first. It’s available from DISH Online, which has thousands of movies that will stream to my computer, so I’ll be able to watch it whenever it’s convenient for me. That will be helpful since I work odd hours at DISH and have a hard time catching whole movies on TV. I can’t wait to see both versions of the movie, especially the remake, which sounds like it has some great actors.

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