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November Birchbox Review

There is nothing I love more than the holidays. Even summer. I love the way people get around the holidays. Even though I have worked just about every holiday, doesn’t mean the holidays are a bad time. I just focused on making other people’s holidays even better. That’s one thing I love about Birchbox. No matter what time of year it is, they always put me in a better mood. This month was no exception.

This month’s theme was More Good. Which is one thing that I love about the holidays, giving back and helping others. I guess you can say it’s in the holiday spirit. This box was a good holiday one. It has some good stuff to get you ready for the holidays.

The Birchbox Holiday guide:  I love this little guide. As soon as I saw it, I put everything down and started reading it. It gives you a lot of good holiday party ideas as well as some great gift ideas that are in their Birchbox.

Birchbox Find, Ghirardelli Chocolate with Toffee Crunch. Birchbox Finds are an extra little discovery that they think are awesome. I don’t know how they knew that I love chocolate, but they do. It’s the holiday spirit. It was delicious.

Beauty Protector Shampoo and Condition. I got the detangle and heat protective in my June Birchbox and I love it! I was a pretty excited to see their shampoo and condition samples in this box. I’m always a little weary of trying new things on my hair, but since I have already used some of their line, I’m more than happy to try it.

Color Club, On the Rocks. I’m beyond excited to have another nail polish. I cannot wait to wear this color around Christmas time. I’m saving it until then!

Dr. Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm. I used their CC cream a few months ago and I was satisfied with the product. So I’m happy to try even more of their line. I’ve used it since I got it and I really like it. It goes on smooth and stays on all day. Plus just by using it a few days, I can feel my skin has gotten smoother and healthier.

Juicy Couture, Viva la Juicy Noir. Unfortunately I’m not the biggest fan of Juicy Couture. I’m not sure why, I just never really enjoyed their line.


  • Brittany Joy

    GHIRADELLI HAS TOFFEE CHOCOLATE!???! How the heck have I missed this? Also, I’m totally with you on the whole Juicy thing–even when their velour sweatshirts were ALL anyone wore EVER I still was not a fan. BUT! Their perfume is pretty (at least one of them, anyway. We got a sample in a magazine at Westmont and Amy broke down and bought the bottle she loved it so much. Which says a LOT because Amy hates Juicy too). haha oh well. I’ve never smelled Noir though; let me know how it smells!

  • Allison Clements

    The chocolate is amazing!! With Juicy, I mean the stuff smells good, it’s just not my thing. I always try it though 🙂 It smells like berries and honeysuckle. I don’t really smell the berry…

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