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Myke and Allison Adventures: Current TV Shows


Myke and I love watching TV shows together. That is how we spend quality time together. Please don’t misunderstand me, we talk and spend time doing other things, but the way that we spend most of our nights. Netflix and  Hulu are the third and fourth members of our family. Saturdays are the perfect days, we wake up and then go to the living room and watch our shows. Yes we are that lazy, but don’t worry, we have worked in walks and runs to counteract all the laziness. We have an array of different shows we watch, but currently we have been rotating between a few different shows. Here is our top five list, in no particular order.

1. House. Oh man! This show just gets me. House is just hilarious, his and Wilson’s friendship is just so sweet, and Cuddy makes me laugh every time. That show is our type of comedy and we watch it a few times a week. If you watch the show, we are in the middle of season 3 and House is getting stalked by the police man. I complain every single episode about the police man and Myke hates it, but I can’t help it. He’s messing with House and I don’t like it!

2. The Office. I used to watch this show all the time. I would go to a friend’s dorm room and watch it with all my friends in college. I stopped watching around the time Steve Carell left. Ironically, that had nothing to do with me not watching the show even though I was sadden by his departure. If you know the series, we are about to finish season 8, so we are just about done. It’s a fun show to have in the background and every episode makes me laugh. Jim and Pam are just adorable, Dwight is amazing, Andy is great. I heard ninth season is not the greatest, but the reward will be the finale, which Myke and I watched live and cried and loved it. So that will be our reward. Plus Myke has never seen the first season, I have, not bad-very British, but I love that stuff. So that will be the other reward as well.

3. The Amazing Race. I LOVE this show. There is something about watching people travel to places you want to go to that just makes me happy. Myke and I are dying to go on the show. Every time we watch it, we strategize the way we would do the leg. We are actually hoping to do a family one and grab his brother and his almost wife, or my cousins. We have a couple teams planned out and then we talk about just applying for the show and giving it a try. As long as we win a a little money and maybe a trip, we would be happy.

4. Anything on Food Network, now it Top Chef. Myke and I love food. We will watch anything on Food Network. Sweet Genius and Chopped are two other favorites. Ironically the exact same show, just one is with desserts and the other is with actual food. We got rid of cable so we haven’t been able to watch it currently, but we have gotten glimpses on airplanes, other homes, and online. We love it.

5. Masterchef. Myke adores this show. They actually film on the Paramount lot, so I saw a few of the current contestants around the lot so this is a fun season for me to watch. I got Myke into the show because he loves to cook. He’s a big fan of throwing ingredients into a pot and seeing what he can come up with. I have always said if there was any show Myke could go on and do somewhat well, it would be this one. We love the way the show is structured, one week we are in the kitchen (or the stage at Paramount) and then the next week they move out onto a location where they compete in teams then come back to the stage and “cook for their lives.” I love the judges, well we are a big fan of Gordon Ramsey. We got engaged at his West Hollywood restaurant and I was secretly hoping he be there that night, he wasn’t but I’m still holding out hope for it one day.

 What shows do you all watch?

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