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Living in Community

One of the things I love most about our church is the unity that is there. I have always been close with my church family, even when I was a part of another church. They were people that I was always drawn to, plus having Christ at the center of our friendship doesn’t hurt either! A couple years ago, we started doing these home community groups-you sign up for a group to focus on a topic, for example we have one about prayer, one focused on men, women, and married couples. You go to the person’s house, eat food together, watch the video together, and then talk about said video. It’s that easy! It’s a great model for what we are meant to do with others-gather together and talk about life and be there for one another. I have had the honor of hosting the ladies’ group and this is the second time it is in my home. This time around, I wanted to make my ladies feel special, a lot of them are moms and this is their time to discover themselves instead of taking care of their kids. We have had two meetings and we are going to take a couple weeks off for Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, but I have loved having them in my home! They are all such special ladies and I look forward to our times together.


Night one set up above and night two set up below.

First night I bought delicious cupcakes from the store and the second I made mini donuts. Recipe to come soon!


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