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Let’s Bake Series Coming Friday!

This is a series that we are super excited about! Baking is something that I have become obsessed with. I find myself watching videos about how to prefect a buttercream and making wish lists on Amazon with sifters and spatulas. Myke even got me this awesome rolling pin for Christmas!

We have loved making the baking videos that we have, and they’ve done well for us, often they are the most viewed videos on our YouTube Channel. So we decided to lean into that!

We were considering the idea of doing a kind of dessert focused “Julie and Julia” with one of our many cookbooks at home, but Myke had an even better idea! My mom has two recipe books, one for dinners and lunches, and the other strictly for desserts. They are a collection of old school recipe cards that she’s collected over the years. Most of them haven’t been made in a long time, or ever. So we thought, “Hey let’s do a series of videos where we bake through the dessert book!” and Let’s Bake was born.

We made a little announcement that we were going to put a slight hold on our YouTube channel to give us time and space to really put effort into the series both from a baking and editing standpoint. We originally planned to do 22 episodes, but that was unreasonable! So we scaled down to a 10 episode season and moved into production.

Then the Coronavirus hit the US and the ensuing panic buying made it hard to get eggs and milk (Essential baking ingredients). We couldn’t bake because we gave the girls the milk and eggs that we had, and now that we are on “Shelter at Home” orders from California, the house is packed in the evening making a lot harder to set everything up and monopolize the kitchen for 4+ hours.

All this means is that Season 1 of Let’s Bake will only be 5 episodes, instead of 10, and we’re gonna roll them out pretty quickly. I think having some ideas of recipes to try when you’re forced to stay in might be helpful in these uncertain but certainly boring times. So get ready! The first episode drops Friday!

If you haven’t yet, please go subscribe to our YouTube Channel it really helps us out, you can also support us by buying something from Amazon using our little affiliate page here. If you’re looking to get some video production or photography and you’re in the Northern California area, we would love to work with you!

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