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It’s a Wonderful Life


Christmas is literally right around the corner and with it comes my annual Christmas movie list. I try to watch fun Christmas movies to get me into the Christmas spirit, which it usually does. I like watching movies with snow and people celebrating the holiday. One of the movies I watch with my mom when I go to their house for Christmas is “It’s a Wonderful Life”, starring the ever talented Jimmy Stewart and the adorable Donna Reed. The 1946 film that was a box office flop, has now become a Christmas classic. I didn’t like this movie when I was young. I didn’t like the start of the movie when young George gets hurt by the older man. Obviously, I know that the movie gets better after that point, but as an emotional little girl this hurt my heart. I have seen the movie a few times since and I have to say that I do enjoy the movie now. I think I can appreciate it more because I understand what the movie was really about.

As a child, I wondered why George Bailey felt the way he did, I thought he had a wonderful life. He had a wife and family that loved him, he lived near his family, and it snowed during Christmas time (I enjoyed simple things when I was a child). It wasn’t until college that I truly understood what the George was going through. He had dreams of going places, but was always pulled back to stay in his home town for one reason or another. That is something, especially now that I can relate to. There have been some events that happened, especially in the last few months that have me thinking one thing: this is not how it was supposed to go, this is not how my life was supposed to be.

I think a lot of us have that same thought every so often. Something happens to us and we think-well this isn’t how it was supposed to go down. I’m a planner so I like to schedule my week. If something goes against the plan, I don’t get angry, I just get annoyed that i have to adjust the rest of my plan. I have done that so much in my life that I think after the last few months I had my fill. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. I wasn’t supposed to lose my dog after a few months, I wasn’t supposed to be working a temp job and feeling like I haven’t provided for my husband. I have felt sad and fearful. Two things that I shouldn’t feel with God on my side. I’ve always said in previous posts, there will be hard times, but it is how you act in those hard times. Praise worship, and prayer. Whenever I feel fear, I put on my music and sing along.

I truly do have a wonderful life. I have a mom and dad who love me. I have a best friend of over 20 years that I don’t know what I would do without, even though she lives so far away. I had amazing and supportive friends all through high school, some of which are still my friends to this day. I am married to an incredible man who loves me for who I am and makes me smile every day just by looking at me. Above all else, the God of the whole universe not only loves me, but has a plan for my life. God had loved me since before I was born and even though things happen and I get scared and nervous-I just have to call on His name and walk in His peace. That is difficult to do, but I’ve been getting better at it.

In this Christmas season, I encourage you to remember that you have been blessed with a wonderful life. Things go wrong or not the way we want them to-but God is good and will come through for you.

*This post was inspired by our currently sermon series at church. My pastor has written a sermon series about how God has blessed us. If you are interested in hearing more, visit our church website to get the sermon download or join us on Sunday mornings this December.



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