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Holiday Recap with lots of Pictures!


Oh the holidays-a time for fun with family and friends, but a little stress here and there. Since the Tuesday before Christmas, Myke and I have been moving nonstop. We got a lot of sleep in time, time with family, and even a little work done. The day after we got back, Myke and I got sick, he had been feeling it after Christmas, but I caught the bug when we got home.



Christmas Eve is when we are with the Clements family. We had the traditional lunch of pork tacos. My mother in law’s table was beautiful. That night we went to my old church for the candlelight service. Finished off the night with some Olallieberry pie-my father in law’s favorite.


we decided not to do gifts, but he surprised me with this scarf 🙂


Christmas Day is with my side of the family. We did stockings in the morning with the Clements fam and then made our way to the Davis house for stockings and presents. In the afternoon we went to my Grandma’s house for more presents.

my cousin’s sweet dog Loki





Saturday and Sunday was a great mix of my family and Myke’s family. Saturday we had brunch with my cousins who are pregnant with their first kid and it was so nice to sit, talk, and catch up. That night was dinner with my grandma. Sunday we saw Myke’s father preach at a family friend’s church and then we went to his grandfather’s retirement lunch. Myke and I both got amazingly beautiful outfits from his mom and we looked pretty fly in our outfits for church.

IMG_6607 (1)
puzzle complete

Monday was work day! We went to his grandparents house and we helped clean their house and get his home office set up. It was the kick I needed! One of my goals of 2016 is to keep my home in a better condition on a daily basis and this really helped me think of ways that I could do it in my own house. Then I got to sit and talk to his grandparents. I love talking to old people! I always learn something new and it makes me think of when I used to sit and talk to my papa, nana, and great- grandma. It makes me miss them, but it’s a nice treat to sit with them. Monday night we closed the night with dinner at my mom and dad’s house.

The rest of the time we were home including New Years we were sick on the couch watching Making a  Murder, Inside Out and lots of Office episodes and Cupcake Wars. We also deep cleaned our apartment and are keeping it clean! I’m so proud.

I hope everyone had a beautiful new year!

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