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I’m Going to be an Aunt!

A few months ago we got on Skype with Myke’s brother and wife, like it was any other call. I felt like there was something that they were going to tell us-but I didn’t know what. They asked us what was new (really guys?) and we told them and then we asked was new with them. Umm….just a little something!

The most amazing part of this whole thing was my sister in law wasn’t sure she was going to be able to have kids. To that I said, no way! I knew they were going to have kids eventually, but I’m so glad they are having a baby. They found out the gender a couple weeks ago…


I’m going to have the most perfect and handsome nephew that ever walked the earth. I know that might be a little early to say, but trust me, if you know my sister and brother in law, they are some of the most incredible, faithful people I know, so by default-their children will be perfect.

To my little nephew-you have no idea the love that is going to shower over you when you are here-I’m already counting down the days until I get to hold you. I already love you.

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