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Hot in November


Here in LA the weather is always unpredictable. For example, most people think November is the time for cool weather, at least that’s what I’m used to. This November has been different, last week it got up to 92 degrees. I mean come on LA! It’s times like those I really miss living in Northern California. I was born and raised in Northern California and I can’t help but miss it, especially around the holidays. Part of me is really wanting to move back up there eventually. Not right now though, home is here in LA.

I had been looking for a leopard scarf for months! I went shopping with my mom and she found this scarf. When the scarf is unfolded, it is the face of a leopard. I thought it looked awesome, so my mom was very gracious and bought it for me. I wear it just about every chance I get. I feel people might think I’m a little strange for wearing it over and over again, but I don’t care. It’s the length I like and the perfect color.

shirt: Target
sweater: Forever 21
scarf: Express
jeans: Old Navy
shoes: old Steve Madden


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