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HIMYM season 7

Last December, when Myke and I were first married, our friends and brother-in-law turned us onto this little show called “How I Met Your Mother.”

When you see this scene, you will know why I love the show (source)
We were a little skeptical when we first started the show because we were unsure about how the show would go. I mean, how long can a show last in which a guy is telling his kids how he met their mother? (answer: at least seven seasons)
However we were the first to admit that we were wrong and we fell in love with the show. It helped that Jason Segal was on the show as well as Neil Patrick Harris. We eventually fell in love with all the characters and started to relate more and more to the characters and laughing at every single episode.
Well in our stupidity, we watched the whole series on Netflix, while the show was still on air mind you. We avoided the on air season at all costs because we didn’t want anything to be ruined. 
Well of course, as soon as season 7 came out onto Netflix, Myke and I watched about a quarter of the season the first night. Yes, it’s that good of a show!
Please! If you have not watched this show I would greatly encourage you to check it out. It’s on Netflix, so you can watch season 1 and see how you feel. 


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